Kickboxing GB


Kickboxing GB stands as a distinguished National Governing Body, unwavering in its dedication to fostering the comprehensive development of our athletes within a secure and all-inclusive environment. We proudly hold recognition from influential bodies, including the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Sports UK, as well as the support of home nations' sports councils.

From grassroots to the pinnacle of elite competition, we provide an unwavering platform for individuals to realise their full potential and challenge their limits across an extensive range of disciplines, encompassing creative forms, point fighting, light contact, kick light, full contact, low kick, and full contact. Our commitment to the growth of athletes extends to more than just honing their skills; it's about fostering a sense of unity, sportsmanship, and collective growth within our kickboxing community.

We offer exceptional open squad training sessions that serve as crucibles for learning, improvement, and collaborative exchange with fellow practitioners. Moreover, our elite talent pathway illuminates the path for those aspiring to reach the pinnacle of their achievements. At Kickboxing GB, we're not just a governing body; we're a vibrant community, empowering athletes to shine, both as competitors and as individuals who carry the essence of kickboxing in every stride.


Billy Bryce - Head Coach Seniors & Chairman, Kickboxing GB's Coaches Committee

Neville Wray - Director of Coaching
Sean Veira - Head Coach Seniors

Chris Collymore - Head Coach Juniors & University Games

How to become a GB team member:
Becoming a GB team member involves several steps. All athletes licensed with Kickboxing GB have the opportunity to participate in the KGB Nationals, where they can compete for the title of British Champion in their selected disciplines.

Athletes who achieve medals during the Nationals will receive an invitation to join the National Team squad training sessions. This serves as the initial step in the GB team selection process, which is meticulously defined in our Kickboxing GB National Team Selection Policy.

GB squad training sessions are accessible to all, emphasising inclusivity. These sessions are designed to offer grassroots clubs a pathway for development, ultimately leading to elite-level competition.