Kickboxing GB


Coaching with Kickboxing GB, the National Governing Body for kickboxing in the UK, is a rewarding journey that highlights our strong commitment to nurturing talent and inspiring excellence in an open and safe environment. As an organisation, we recognise the pivotal role coaches play in shaping the future of kickboxing, and we provide unwavering support from grassroots all the way to elite levels. Our dedication to safeguarding is paramount, as evidenced by thorough DBS checks, ensuring that the well-being of our athletes is a top priority. We equip our coaches with essential first-aid skills to handle any situation, reinforcing their ability to create a secure space for growth and development.

Through accredited coaching courses offered by recognised service providers such as Coach UK, our coaches gain the knowledge and expertise needed to hone their skills and provide the best guidance to our athletes. We firmly believe in building a strong foundation, and that begins with quality coaching at every level. Our aim is not only to nurture champions but also to promote an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and excel, fostering a love for the sport that transcends boundaries. At Kickboxing GB, we're more than just a governing body; we're a community that values excellence, integrity, and the well-being of all those who are part of this exciting journey.


Sean Veira - Head Coach Seniors & Chairman, Kickboxing GB's Coaches Committee

Neville Wray - Director of Coaching
Billy Bryce - Head Coach Seniors

Chris Collymore - Head Coach Juniors

Dev Barrett - Director of Ring Sports
Mark Watkins - head Coach Ring Sports

How to become a Kickboxing GB licensed club coach:
All coaches must demonstrate that they have the qualifications and safeguarding checks required to become a KGB-licensed coach. If the club they coach at is not recognised then the club itself will have to register with Kickboxing GB.

The process for onboarding new clubs and the approval process for new coaches can be found on the membership page, click left…