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Coaching Development

This page hosts a variety of educational topics aimed at coaching development. It provides resources, articles, and videos on best practices, training techniques, athlete management, and safety protocols. Designed for coaches at all levels, it offers insights from experts, updates on the latest research, and practical tools to enhance coaching effectiveness and promote athlete well-being.

Kickboxing GB adheres to UK government guidelines on managing concussions.
Developed by experts from scientific, sporting, and academic fields, these guidelines ensure that everyone, from club and school sports coaches to NHS specialists, shares a unified approach to concussion management.
Kickboxing GB coaches must familiarise themselves with these guidelines and incorporate the protocols into their safe practise policies

As coaches we have a responsibility to champion clean sport by adhering to UK Anti Doping rules and promoting its practise to our athletes and the individuals who support them.

UKAD's Coach Clean Certification is a mandatory qualification for National Team Coaches and the Head Coaches of grass roots clubs and it is highly recommended for all coaches at all levels. Go to our Anti-Doping page for more information on this topic.