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Anti-Doping Update - Tramadol

Kickboxing GB Adopts UK Anti-Doping Rules

On Friday, 8th September 2023, the Kickboxing GB Board officially approved the adoption of the UK Anti-Doping Rules. This significant step is part of our continuous commitment to align with the mandatory requirements outlined within UK Anti-Doping’s assurance framework. This framework serves as the primary mechanism through which Kickboxing GB, as a National Governing Body, demonstrates its dedication to upholding anti-doping responsibilities, ensuring compliance with the government's UK National Anti-Doping Policy.

But why is this move so crucial? Beyond the fundamental goal of maintaining the integrity of our sport, joining the UKAD framework is a prerequisite for sports aiming to secure public funding. Moreover, it's an essential criterion for membership within the British Olympic Association. In essence, our commitment to Anti-Doping places us on the direct path towards Olympic readiness.

UKAD 24 Requirements Summary

Ringsport Juniors getting ready for the Europeans

The junior ringsport team were hard at work this weekend in preparation for the Junior European Championships being held in Turkey from 25th August to 3rd September.

GB International Open's first open weight champions

Kickboxing GB's International Open first ever open weight champions. Congratulations to Jack Buckley, Rebecca Davies and Liam Holden on your achievements.

Kickboxing GB's new WAKO Pro World Champions

Congratulations to our two new WAKO Pro World Champions Elijah Everill and Evelyn Neyens.

Mastering the mind game

In this inspiring episode of WAKO Kickboxing Talks, Elijah Everill and Angelina Pelevic explore the power of mental preparation in kickboxing. They highlight how a strong mind is as crucial as a fit body for success in sports. Click here to see the video…