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Anti Doping

Board approves change to membership policy

On 12th December 2023, the board of Kickboxing GB approved a change to the National Federation's membership policy, which can be downloaded from our governance page at In addition to adding clarity around what constitutes a properly constituted club, the membership policy recognises that Kickboxing GB has formally adopted the UK Anti-Doping rules. Going forward, all members, upon becoming licensed by Kickboxing GB, agree to be bound by these rules and to cooperate with code-compliant anti-doping investigations and proceedings.

Affiliated clubs registering on rsportz solely for WAKO competitions also agree that their athletes and support personnel will be bound by the UK Anti-Doping rules for a period of 12 months from the start of the licence or from the date of the relevant competition. The change in our policy evidences our adoption of the UK Anti-Doping rules and is part of the ongoing work to ensure Kickboxing GB is compliant with UKAD’s assurance framework.

The assurance framework assists Kickboxing GB in maintaining a comprehensive set of steps that will mitigate the risk associated with doping in the sport of Kickboxing. Compliance with the policy not only cements our commitment to maintaining a clean sport but is also a condition of eligibility when it comes to seeking any public funding.

For more information on UK Anti-Doping Rules, visit our website at

Kickboxing GB Adopts UK Anti-Doping Rules

On Friday, 8th September 2023, the Kickboxing GB Board officially approved the adoption of the UK Anti-Doping Rules. This significant step is part of our continuous commitment to align with the mandatory requirements outlined within UK Anti-Doping’s assurance framework. This framework serves as the primary mechanism through which Kickboxing GB, as a National Governing Body, demonstrates its dedication to upholding anti-doping responsibilities, ensuring compliance with the government's UK National Anti-Doping Policy.

But why is this move so crucial? Beyond the fundamental goal of maintaining the integrity of our sport, joining the UKAD framework is a prerequisite for sports aiming to secure public funding. Moreover, it's an essential criterion for membership within the British Olympic Association. In essence, our commitment to Anti-Doping places us on the direct path towards Olympic readiness.

UKAD 24 Requirements Summary