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Kickboxing GB National Tatami Championships

Kickboxing GB National Championships
Held at the Harvey Hadden Sports Centre, Nottingham
24th & 25th February 2024

Report compiled by Chris Collymore
Head Coach Junior and Cadets Squad
Lead Coach EUSA

2024 Kickboxing GB Nationals

This years championships were held in a different format to give the martial athletes opportunities to compete in both tatami and ring disciplines. How this worked was that all Tatami and Forms would be held at the Harvey Hadden Centre, while the ring sports would be held on 6
th & 7th April at the North Solihull Sports Centre.
The team behind Kickboxing GB are working hard in the background to make positive changes within the martial art environment, and this change is a great way of growing participation.
Vision Statement: 
To be the leading national governing body for kickboxing, promoting excellence, inclusivity, and integrity while fostering the growth and development of the sport at all levels.

Saturday 24th February… The Journey begins
Due to the huge number of entries to this prestigious event, meant that doors were open at 8am with the Referee meeting scheduled for 9.30am and the event was due to commence at 9am. The floorplan consisted of 9 mats over the 2 days and the referees and table officials would have to be on point to give the fighters a platform to shine.
With the level of interest in this years National championships proved that this event is still a worthy championship not only to medal but to win and be crowned 2024 Kickboxing GB National Champion. With the numbers of entries on the day reaching 1323 pulling from 62 clubs nationally, meant this event was going to be a spectacle of amazing levels.
As you can appreciate with so many fights happening simultaneously, it was difficult to see everyone and admire the focus and dedication that was on display, not only from the Light and Kick Light competitors but also from the Forms divisions.
In this article I will focus on some of the high flyers in the relevant categories (apologies if I have missed anyone)


Light Contact Younger Cadets (Male)
There were so many fighters that were on it! at these championships with the likes of Fillip Tomi (Team EPIC), Sebatian Gavin (Fighting Fit Academy), Oritshea Welsh (BMMA Leeds) to name but a few, but my nominee for fighter of the day in the Younger Cadets Male category is
Roman Lamey from Team SAS.
Light Contact Younger Cadets (Female)
This section was full of fire and some of the fighters that shone were Indi Pritchard (EPIC Martial Arts), Abbie Caldwell (Braveheart) and Kacie Lacey (Kode Red). My nominee for fighter of the day is
Abbie Weatherhead-Faza Team ENERGIZE.
Light Contact Older Cadets (Male)
This category had so so much fire power within the ranks and everyone that wo their relevant division is worthy of this accolade but I have to choose one… Shout out to Edward Flanagan (Team ENERGISE), Kenzo Cambridge (Team Braveheart), Koby Swaby (Team Legacy Martial Arts Academy), Cristiano Firth (Team Bristol) to name but a few. But the award goes to double British Light Contact Champion is
Gabriel Burea Team RENEGADE.
Light Contact Older Cadets (Female)
Again in this section the ladies did not disappoint and there were fireworks from every mat you turned to. Some of the high flyers were Madison Brown (Braveheart Martial Arts), Kloe Jones (WCKA). The nominee for fighter of the category goes to
Maia Bisley Team BRAVEHEART.
Light Contact Junior (Male)
The junior male categories were on fire and all I can say is that the Adults better watch their backs as there is some real talent coming through. Nikita Semcenco (Team Renegade), Louis Wherlock (Team Bristol), Sid Williams (Team Energise). The fighter that I feel had wars at every round and came through with shining colours is
Light Contact Junior (Female)
The wealth and depth of talent competing today was unbelievable in this section, again too many fighter to give a shout out, but the key ones that come to mind are Teia Doyle (EPIC Martial Arts), Summer Harvey (Team SAS), Masie Ross (Team Wolfpack Martial Arts). But the high flyer of the day goes to
Freya Holmes Team ENERGIZE.
Light Contact Senior (Male)
I am happy to state that we have some fire power within the senior male categories, which will be a handful for any international competitor within the squared circle. Props to Matt and Joe Brooks (Team Phoenix), Gilles Brown (Team Braveheart), Fin Heesom (Team Blueblood), Brandon Swaby (Team Legacy Martial Arts Academy). The fighter that displayed true grit and control throughout all of his fights and is the nominee for Fighter of the Senior Light Contact is
Light Contact Senior (Female)
The fighting categories were so competitive that the bar raises every year. Some of the highlights were the likes of Ellie Harvey (Team SAS), Tennessee Randall (Team WKO), Asia Georghiou (Team Fighting Fit Academy) to name but a few, but the fighter of the day in the Senior Female division goes to Double British Light Contact Champion
Taylor Smith, Team World Champion Academy.
Light Contact Veterans (Male)
The Veterans did not miss out on the action and I have to give an general shout out as everyone was on par. But shout out to the following and apologies for not mentioning everyone. Micheal Leask (Team Braveheart), Michal Dziubicki (Team Londinium Fighters), Alex Chalke (Team Miles Martial Arts).
Light Contact Veterans (Female)
Elizabeth Ferioli stood head and shoulders above her counterparts and was crowned Double British Champion (Team BKO)
Kick Light Younger Cadets (Male)
Oliver Groome, Edward Flanagan & Jason Bourne-Preston (Team Energize), Ashton Avo (Team G&K Martial Arts Academy) were some of the fighters that shone but the fighter of the day goes to
Liam Pritchard Team EPIC MARTIAL ARTS.
Kick Light Younger Cadets (Female)
Neve Clark (Team Ironfist Kickboxing), Kloe Jones (Team WCKA), Maia Bisley (Team Braveheart) but
Ella Hawkes TEAM SAS gets the nod for fighter for the Younger cadets in Kick Light.
Kick Light Junior (Male)
There was never ending action across the categories in these categories, it was so hard to split the winning individuals today, but once again we have to give praise to the likes of Danny Farley (Team Genesis), Aidan Lennan (Team Wolfpack Martial Arts), Joeseph Woods & Sid Williams (Team Energize). Big up
Rory Harrison TEAM ENERGIZE for gaining fighter of the Junior Male Kick Light divisions.
Kick Light Junior (Female)
This section was another close call to make with some solid performances put in by the likes of Mary Jane Torrie (Team Wolfpack Martial Arts), Freya Holmes (Team Energize), Jessica Lawerance (Team Evolution). My nominee for this category is the talented
Kick Light Senior (Male)
There was real talent on show across the Senior Male fighting categories, and there were some fireworks along the way to say the least. Here are just a couple of the worthy mentions such as Harrison Martyn (Team Lincolnshire Martial Arts Academy), Brandon Swaby (Team Legacy Martial Arts Academy), Matt & Joe Brooks (Team Phoenix Kickboxing), Raja Chiripal (Team Genesis). But props must go to one of UK’s most talented martial arts practitioners is
Kick Light Senior (Female)
We were not disappointed with the level of effort and skill displayed in the ladies kick light categories and we have to highlight Nesta Baxter (Team Evolution), Frankie Ashton (Team Energize), Roma Sethi (Team Genesis). But the award this year goes to
Kick Light Veterans (Male)
There was only one name to shout out for this one and the award goes to the Energy man himself

Creative & Musical Forms Divisions

Now it was time for the forms competitors to take some of the limelight so lets get into it.
Childrens Hard Style & Hard Style Weapons
In these categories competition was of the highest standards. Shout out goes to Blake Smith(EKA Martial Arts Academy), Frankie Parfitt (SRK Martial Arts), Mali Evans (SRK Martial Arts) but the top award goes to
Younger Cadets Hard Style & Hard Style Weapons
There was plenty of fire within these categories and the future looks bright indeed. Again some of the high performers on the day were Erin Nolan (EKA Martial Arts Academy), Charlie Peacock (EKA Martial Arts Academy), Ethan Paras (EKA Martial Arts Academy), Adeline Maas (EKA Martial Arts Academy). But the award for performance of the day goes to
 Older Cadets Hard Style & Hard Style Weapons
The honours for this section were very close to come up with the overall best forms competitor in these divisions. We have to say well done to Charlotte Busby (EKA Martial Arts Academy), Olivia Chen (UTX Academy), Aydin Ali (UTX Academy) but the overall winner is
Junior Hard Style & Hard Style Weapons
The competitors within these sections did not disappoint and everyone was on it to gain that title, some of the highlights again were Riley Jones (SRK Martial Arts), Darcie Jones (SRK Martial Arts) but the award goes to
Senior Hard Style & Hard Style Weapons
Isobel Allan & Lila Powell from (EKA Martial Arts Academy) were the outstanding joint winners for this award.
Childrens Hard Style & Hard Style Weapons
Darcie Hobbs (EKA Martial Arts Academy) did extremely well but the one who secures this honour is
Rudi Hewitt from UTX Academy.
Younger Cadets Hard Style & Hard Style Weapons
Adeline Maas (EKA Martial Arts Academy) and EROS TO (UTX Academy) were on fire but the accolade goes to
Kryan Russell from EKA Martial Arts Academy.
 Older Cadets Hard Style & Hard Style Weapons
Marshall Powell (EKA Martial Arts Academy) was on podium, but
Olivia Chen UTEX ACADEMY stole the show.
Junior Hard Style & Hard Style Weapons
Neve Harvey from UTX Academy stood tall amongst competitors.
Senior Hard Style & Hard Style Weapons
Special shout out to Jayden Freeley (Infinity Martial Arts) & Isobel Allan (EKA Martial Arts) but the cream that rose to the top is
Lila Powell EKA Martial Arts.
Phew!!!!… what an incredible 1st day at the Kickboxing GB national championships, there were some fantastic performances delivered throughout the day, and Kickboxing GB will be in a great place to represent on the international circuit. Roll on Sunday!!!!!
Day Two….Sunday 25th February
The  air was full of anticipation and adrenaline following yesterdays performances and I was sure today was going to level up on the high standards displayed on the previous day.


Again apologies for not mentioning everyone as you can appreciate the amount of great fights over the day, I could not have visibility and feedback from everyone…
4yrs to 6yrs Mixed
Shout out to Aria Lea (Energise Apex) and Finnley Hipgrave (EKA Martial Arts Academy) for putting in some spirited performances during the day but the plaudits go
Childrens (Male)
The categories were lighting up and the young guns were showing no mercy with speed and agility to grab the crown of being Kickboxing GB British champion.
Alister Ferreira (Epic Martial Arts), Max Gator (World Champion Academy), Jacob Lukins (Epic Martial Arts) and Archie Payne (Legacy Martial Arts) were all worthy of the award but the crown goes to
Max Farrell from Team BKO.
Childrens (Female)
The young ladies were not going to be outdone by their counterparts and some sterling performances were put in by the likes of Cassie Bird (World Champion Academy), North Little (Epic Martial Arts), Harley Quin Guiver (Fighting Falcons School of Martial Arts) but the award for fighter of the day goes to
Ailie Divers from Braveheart Martial Arts.
Younger Cadets (Male)
There were some heavy congested divisions and the quality of fighters were stacked, whoever won their significant categories duely deserved massive praise indeed. Those that rose through  the fire of competition that we have to mention are the likes of Philip Tomi from EPIC Martial Arts, Daniel Hawkes from Team SAS, Roman Lamey also from Team SAS and Aaran Drever from Wolkpack Martial Arts. But the fighter for this division goes to
Double British Points Champion, Lucas Collinge from Northwest Warriors Martial Arts.
Younger Cadets (Female)
This section overall was full of talented fighters that will make their mark on the international front in years to come. Some of the fighters that are worthy of a note were the likes of Kiera Watson from BMMA Leeds, Georgie Dean from Northwest Warriors Martial Arts, Kacie Lacey Kode Red Kickboxing and Freya Drever Wolfpack Martial Arts. The accolade of the day goes
to Kickboxing GB Double British Points Champion Abbie Wheatherhead-Faza from Team ENERGISE APEX.
Older Cadets (Male)
The categories in this section were so so stacked anyone that got on the podium would have earned their spot and would have to be applauded. Again massive shout outs to the likes of Max Kensett Team CMA Freestyle, Edward Flanagan Team Energise Apex, Kenzo Cambridge Team Braveheart Martial Arts, Koby Swaby Team Legacy Martial Arts Academy, Harlee Pyhthian Team Fighter Performance Training Centre. Just missing out on being the top dog was double British champion Gabriel Burea Team Renegade. But the No.1 spot goes to
Kickboxing GB Double British Points Champion is Cristiano Firth Team Bristol GB FIT.
Older Cadets (Female)
The ladies categories, also did not disappoint and there was some awesome fights along the way, well done to Eilidh Moorehead Team Wolfpack Martial Arts, Madison Brown Team Braveheart Martial Arts, Neve Clark Team Ironfist Kickboxing, Maia Bisely Team Braveheart Martial Arts, Kloe Jones Team Welsh Contact Karate Association. The top performer accolade goes to
Ella Hawkes Team SAS Kickboxing GB Double British Points Champion.
Junior (Male)
There were some outstanding performances in this division where so many fights could be classified as a final, which just shows the deep level of talent with have in the grass roots. Fighters who are worthy a mention are… Nikita Simcenco Team Renegade, Joshua Ainger-Boyt Team Respect Martial Arts Academy, Ryan Hunt  Team SAS, Lewis Mckail Team SAS and Rory Harrison Team Energise Apex. But the fighter that stood tall overall is
Ryan Evan of Team SAS and Kickboxing GB Double British Points Champion.
Junior (Female)
The pool of fighters in this division is very close indeed which means the competitive levels just gets higher and higher. There were some fighters that stood tall such as Masie Ross Team Wolfpack Martial Arts, Jennifer Lauder Team Ironfist Kickboxing, Rebecca Davies & Summer Harvey both from Team SAS were on fire. But the flowers must go to
Freya Holmes Team Energise APEX Kickboxing GB Double British Points Champion.
Senior (Male)
The senior male divisions were on fire today and every fight on the squared circle would be a final in itself as were the skillset and athletic ability of the fighters throughout. Shout outs to Dylan Tylee & Matt Brooks  Team Phoenix, Declan Tylee Team CMA, Fin Heesom Team Blue Blood, Jack Buckley Team SAS, Joshua O’Connor Team Energise APEX. But the accolades for the Senior fighter of the day goes to
James Meekin TEAM WOLFPACK UK, Kickboxing GB Double British Points Champion.
Senior (Female)
The Senior Ladies also did not disappoint with the level of talent runs deep and there are future European and World champions just around the corner. Lets go through the role call of champions with the likes of Taylor Smith Team World Champion Academy, Jessica Smith Team Wolfpack Martial Arts, Rebecca Davies Team SAS. The lady who stood tall in this stacked division goes to
Ellie Harvey Team SAS and Double Kickboxing GB British Champion.
Veterans (Male)
Its great to see the more senior fighters doing their thing on the squared circle and it demonstrates that age is nothing but a number. There were some classic fights demonstrating timing and mat craft. Craig Butterfield Team Boston Sport Karate, Newton Lowndes Team Blackbelt Leaders but the fighter that again reigned supreme is
Darrell Merryweather Team SAS and Double Kickboxing GB Points Champion.
Veterans (Female)
It was so hard to split these two competitors for  “fighter of the day” so the accolades goes to Elizabeth Ferioli Team BKO and Emma Turner Team WKO.
Club Participation
There were over 60 different clubs that attended this years championships which is a testament to how special competing and getting onto the podium is a must for any serious competitor. On top of that there were 1300 starts over the 2 days, so thank you for all the referees and Pater Markland for ensuring that the mats were running at full capacity throughout the day.
But again one more recognition will have to be highlighted and that is Club team of the championships, in third place it was EKA Martial Arts Academy, runner up was Team SAS but the 2024 Club of the year re the Kickboxing GB National championships goes to Team Energize APEX. Congrats to Carl Thomas and his coaching staff for coming on top of the Club Leader board.
What a fantastic 2 days of Musical & Creative forms and Kickboxing at its very best at the Kickboxing GB National Championships 2024. The future is bright for forthcoming European and World Champions that will bolster the talent pool and maintain the quality of professionalism demonstrated in the squared circle.
Thanks to Peter Edwards, Nev Wray, Lucy Edwards, Peter Markland and all the of time keepers, table staff, referees and all those who helped out behind the scenes in making this event a success.
Kickboxing GB is working closely with Sport England and more importantly WAKO IF re understanding the unique kickboxing environment we are experiencing in GB and agree on how we can increase participation within the Kickboxing environment.

Kickboxing GB at the 2023 World Combat Games

The Great Britain Kickboxing Team made a significant impact at the prestigious 2023 World Combat Games held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The event, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), showcased 16 combat sports, providing a rich tapestry of martial arts culture on a global stage.

Team GB, led by President Peter Edwards and Vice President Neville Wray, saw Chris Aston, Jack Buckley, and Grace Chandler competing in their respective Point Fighting categories. The support team comprised of esteemed GB Coaches Sean Veira and Billy Bryce, along with seasoned international referee Shaun Whelan.

The cultural richness of Riyadh offered a unique backdrop for the athletes, who are well-travelled but found this experience particularly enriching. Coach Veira lauded the high calibre of athletes and the exceptional standards of the event, which echoed the Olympic spirit through its professionalism and hospitality.

Coach Bryce, reflecting on the event's significance, expressed that even though Kickboxing is not part of the Olympic Games, the World Combat Games fostered a sense of Olympic camaraderie and inclusion.

In terms of competition, the GB qualifiers had previously proven their mettle at the WAKO European Games. Grace Chandler, facing the reigning European Champion Carol Scacchi, showed tenacity despite a 13-7 defeat. Jack Buckley, against Erik Zimmermann, displayed exemplary skill, advancing through the rounds and reaching the final, only to be hindered by an injury.

Chris Aston, however, emerged victorious in the -94kg division, overcoming Italy's Davide Mancuso with a decisive 18-11 win. This triumph, coming after a narrow and contentious defeat earlier in the year, was a sweet redemption for Aston and a testament to his world-class abilities.

The GB Team's achievements at the World Combat Games have set the stage for future successes, with promises of more stories to unfold from these world-renowned athletes.

2023 World Combat Games - Chris Aston vs Davide Mancuso

2023 World Combat Games - Jack Buckley vs Bence Zajacz

Screen Shot 2023-11-27 at 10.08.50
Screen Shot 2023-11-27 at 10.09.31
Screen Shot 2023-11-27 at 10.07.58

GB International Open's first open weight champions

Kickboxing GB's International Open first ever open weight champions. Congratulations to Jack Buckley, Rebecca Davies and Liam Holden on your achievements.